Ukraivin Home

Review of the DVD

"The verbal instructions are beautifully coordinated with visuals, and the chef is a natural teacher: He explains not only the what and the how, but also the why of things he is demonstrating... Moreover, the recipes are presented with the modern cook and the modern kitchen in mind... [The chef's] delivery is friendly and inspires confidence. Instead of being overwhelmed, the viewer is encouraged.... the chef/host is personable and likeable; he smiles a lot and you are actually inclined to smile right back, a definite plus for those of us who see the kitchen as a mysterious labyrinth and culinary arts something akin to voodoo."
"Our Life" magazine, May 2007

Makes a great gift! Perfect recipes for any time of year!

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Video Clips

Introduction to Ukrainian Christmas Eve Recipes

Kutia (honey-sweetened wheat dish)

Dough for Ushka and Varenyky (dumplings)

Ushka (mushroom-filled dumplings)

Meatless Borshsch (beet soup)

Fish in Aspic

Pickled Herring Salad

Potato Filling for Varenyky (dumplings)

Cabbage Filling for Varenyky (dumplings)

Varenyky (potato dumplings)

Meatless Holubtsee (stuffed cabbage rolls)

Hryboviy Sos (mushroom sauce)

Strutslia (braided Christmas bread)

Uzvar (dried fruit compote)

Medeevnyk (honey cake)

Dishwasher Salmon

Explanation of Ukrainian Christmas Traditions